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NY Times: Shuttering Bad Charter Schools

The charter school movement has expanded over the last 20 years largely on this promise: If exempted from some state regulations, charters could outperform traditional public schools because they have flexibility and can be more readily tailored to the needs of students. Another selling point is that these schools are supposed to be periodically reviewed when they renew their operating permits — and easily shut down if they fail. It has not worked out that way.

Sharon Palmer's testifies on SB 24.
Sharon Palmer testifies on SB 24.
Sharon Palmer testifies on SB 24.

Leaders testify on Governor's education bill

AFT Connecticut President Sharon Palmer testified before the Joint Committee on Education on Governor Malloy's proposed education bill, Senate Bill 24.

New report shows community schools boost learning

By making schools the hubs of their communities and engaging a range of partners with expertise and resources that schools do not have, community schools support students' needs and boost their learning. A recent report from the Center for American Progress documents this finding.

Analysis of Governor's education bill

Governor Malloy proposed his vision of education reform in S.B. 24.  

While there is substantive agreement on many issues, including quality early childhood education, improved teacher preparation programs and increased autonomy for our state’s technical high schools, AFT Connecticut has concerns about many other parts of the bill.

Making sure students are the winners in education session

Governor Malloy outlined his overarching education proposal during his State of the State speech today.

“This is the super bowl of education and we have thirteen weeks on the clock to work together to make sure every student wins,” said Sharon Palmer, president of AFT Connecticut.

Gov. Malloy proposes funding for teacher recruitment and retention

Governor Malloy today released his proposal to recruit, retain and support teachers in Connecticut.

Gov. Malloy proposes new charter schools in neediest districts

Governor Malloy today released his proposal to increase the number of Charter Schools in Connecticut.

“We are pleased that the Governor’s proposal requires new charter schools to include students with special needs,” said Sharon Palmer, president of AFT Connecticut. “If we are truly committed to improving education in Connecticut, it must be for every child, not just a select few. We would like to see these requirements expanded to encompass all charter schools in Connecticut. We think this is a good starting point for discussion and look forward to seeing the legislation.”

Vo-tech schools receive boost from Gov. Malloy

Gov. Malloy announced that he will allocate $500,000 in additional funding to increase the training resources and supplies for students in the Connecticut Technical High School System (CTHSS). He is also proposing legislation that will tailor programming to the needs of employers, so that students are better prepared for real-world employment when they graduate.

New money for early childhood education

Gov. Malloy renewed his commitment to early childhood education by asking the legislature to approve $4 million in spending for 500 new preschool slots, and $3 million to support professional development.

Gov. Malloy proposes certification changes

Governor Malloy today released his proposals to change certification for teachers in Connecticut.

Certification is a license to teach. A meaningful evaluation process, like the one we helped develop and support as part of the ongoing Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC) process, is the means by which we assess a teacher’s performance and help them reach maximum potential.

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