Jared Boulet

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Paraprofessionals are very important to students with special needs. In West Hartford, Jared Boulet works to provide special needs students the best education possible.

“Everyone is being asked to do more with less, but our special needs students can’t afford to have their services cut,” says Jared. “Our state needs to provide paraprofessionals with the continuing education necessary so we can continue to give our students the services they need to succeed.”

Make sure that paraprofessional training is a part of education reform.

AFT CT (American Federation of Teachers Connecticut) is committed to improving the quality of education for every child in the state. Education reform issues like teacher tenure, teacher certification, teacher evaluations, early childhood education, charter schools, school funding and more need input from all educators. PreK-12 teachers, paraprofessionals and school related personnel are working every day to improve learning and help students to grow. From urban schools in Connecticut, such as Hartford, New Britain, New Haven and Meriden, to suburban schools, such as, Bloomfield, Simsbury and Waterford,  to regional school districts, our members are working to provide quality education.